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    Dec 11 2017 - 9:08pm by mrees999

    Bitcoin is a conduit. One of only two methods to get money from the old world to the new world. The new world is alive and buzzing with its own economic system and the frontier is open. Bitcoin needs a big price to handle all of the money flowing into the space as they don't take dollars.  


    They don't take American express\ or visa or any credit card.  They take bitcoin and ether. Most of the world only knows about bitcoin. So the SS Bitcoin is a mighty big ship carrying all the money to the new world.

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    Dec 2 2017 - 11:01pm by mrees999

    Some people are still under the impression that governments or some evil empire will stop blockchain \ cryptocurrencies. They haven't yet grasped that we are far past that. The technology is about to change everything in most aspects of the life you know. I've linked a discussion classroom discussion that goes over many of the non-currency uses for these tokens.  The thing is... they are tokens, have value - and can be traded. There is no stopping it. You can use anything as currency and many of these have the properties of dual uses. 

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    Nov 30 2017 - 3:31am by mrees999

    Of all the exchanges, you can trade crypto - Bitfinex is my least favorite. They were hacked for $60 million in bitcoin from a multi-signature wallet?  That's never been reported possible from anybody else and they never explained how it happened even after two years?  The took a haircut from everybody on the exchange, even those that didn't have bitcoin on the exchange.

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    Sep 11 2017 - 10:14pm by mrees999

    I finally decided to do something about it.  After years of practice explaining crypto to people - I've fined tuned the message to the most basic ideas. I squeeze it into a one day workshop and include a digital hardwallet safe and teach about the scams to avoid and how to protect your new paradigm digital investments.

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    Aug 4 2017 - 6:34pm by mrees999

    As anybody who's followed me long on Peak Prosperity knows - it is common for me to take long Peak Prosperity vacations, sometimes many, many months. The fun of Peak Prosperity members is they are already half-way there for thinking of crypto in the same terms as an Austrian Economics would. Knowing our current financial system is unsustainable doesn't require nearly as much re-training. 

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    Jul 28 2017 - 10:48am by mrees999

    The split will be August first.  BTC Cash is coming futures are trading for it already and in the several hundreds of dollars.  This is essentially free money as the chain will fork and there will essentially be two bitcoins from now on (unless one chain dies).  With the network and opinions about evenly split, I see two healthy eco systems.

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    Jul 27 2017 - 7:39pm by mrees999
    Secured Automated Lending Technology
    It's a new kind of bank and lending platform.  For those not wanting to actually sell their crypto to handle the everyday needs of buying a car\house or whatever, use it as collateral recognized by lenders in the new program.
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    Jul 21 2017 - 1:27am by mrees999

    With the two warring tribes in Bitcoin finally smoking the peace pipe - Bitcoin price shot back 25% overnight. The general pattern is that within a day or two, once the wind carrying bitcoin price calms, the rubber band that was stretched between the price of the big planet and its smaller twin 'ether' returns with a snap. As people take profits from bitcoin, they see-saw that profit into the next biggest coin. All this demand for ether then slingshots its price soon afterward.

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    Jul 7 2017 - 11:29pm by mrees999

    We were overdue. At a breakneck pace, ethereum rose from $8 to over $400 in just six months. Who does that?  With crazy bubbles come crazy looking corrections. This is the problem when don't have enough back and fills during your climb. There was little foundation propping up that hot air.


    Almost as if on cue, my last regular post was to advise people to not get greedy and although I didn't know what would be the catalyst,  something was overdue to cool the market. I think it was the next day that it finally broke? 

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    Jun 16 2017 - 9:44am by mrees999

    The US Government recognizes the power of the blockchain. It issued a Ransomeware attacks that are plaguing hospitals and create a Universal Electronic Healthcare Records to be transportable as healthcare facilities do not share records with other healthcare providers - even across the street. The patients NEED to own their own medical data.  There were several papers submitted to their challenge. Here they announced some winners: