Charles Hugh Smith's New Book: Money and Work Unchained

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Charles Hugh Smith's New Book: Money and Work Unchained

Our regular contributing editor Charles Hugh Smith has just released a new book (right in time for the holidays!).

Titled Money and Work Unchained, the book tackles the tricky and increasingly topical subject of Universal Basic Income. As automation and AI are poised to replace millions and millions of jobs at all levels of the socio-economic spectrum, what will the implications be? Will guaranteeing a UBI to the populace help? Or make things worse?

Make no mistake: each year, more and more politicians are raising their voice in favor of UBI. As a society, we are hurdling towards a date, soon, where we'll need to make a decision. Which course is best? And is it the one we'll choose?

Click the blue button below to purchase Charles' book:

And for those on the fence, Charles has made the first part of the book free for you to read. Click here to read it (and then buy the book if you find the material worthwhile).
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