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Sky News has just carried

Sky News has just carried news of Russia's threat to undersea cables.  Those pesky Russians keep causing trouble everywhere.

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Never waste a good crisis.

Never waste a good crisis. What's planned to coincide with the mother of an oil and economic crisis in > 6 mths? Whatever it is you bet the "free" world has teams working on how they're going to "protect" us. They've had a long time to work on this. Survey the geopolitical landscape and hold on to your hats!

 Thanks again Chris.


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ok charles - btc update

I'm seeing a pattern of steadily lower forecasted slope - think of it as a "bearish RSI divergence".  This likely precedes a sell signal, at least if things keep going this way.

But for now, still an uptrend - forecaster at +0.32.

ETH also remains in an uptrend - just barely.  Its forecaster sank from +1.50 down to +0.12 over the last few days.

BCH also remains in an uptrend.  Forecaster at +0.41.  I'm less confident with the code's ability to read BCH, since it hasn't had that long to mature.

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Some truth to that

There is definitely some truth to the article but I disagree that the differences between Millennials and previous generations are "minor". Im genX. My experience of school, parenting, socializing, outdoor play,...just about everything was VASTLY different from what I see going on with kids today. I worked in the school system from 2004-2010 and I could not believe how different the kids were than when I went to school and was shocked that such a profound difference could be effected in just a few decades.The boys, by 1980's standards, were all wimps. Very few kids played outside and when they did an adult was required to be present. There was no independence, no chances to be wild, little or no breaking the rules. I think there were 2 fights the whole time I worked there and the boys were required to go through lengthy sessions talking about their feelings and etc. When I was at that age there was a fist fight almost everyday and the boys were dragged into the principles office and made to shake hands and write "I wont get in fights at school" like 200 times. Then that was it, it was over and the kids made friends and everybody went on with life.

Im not suggesting that the weakness of millennials is the reason why the system is faltering, but its sort of like a perfect storm. Failing economy meets failed school-parenting system...maybe the same root cause? Maybe the same failures that are fracturing society are reflected in a weaker generation?

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any bitcoin update?

I've grown accustomed to a weekly bitcoin chart update... (begging bowl extended)

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The Future of Automobiles, Trucks and SUVs

I fully expect to see a time when they are used more for shelter than transportation. 

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It bears repeating

society, best get your mare settled.

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in this case...

I don't agree.  Letting monopolies do whatever they want generally ends up with bad outcomes for consumers, and it appears as though that's what the FCC is now allowing.

If the CEOs of the Telecom Cartel don't act to gouge their customers, they would be breaching their fiduciary duty to their shareholders.  Kinda like your dog breaching his duty to his stomach by NOT eating that food fragment that happened to drop on the floor in the kitchen. that the FCC's restrictions are being lifted, we can expect that's what they'll be doing.  Gobble gobble.

They will end up charging more to provide exactly the same service.

Kinda like what the drug cartels are doing right now.

"That's a nice streaming service you got there.  It would be a shame if anything were to happen to all those bits you are sending out."

If you have a monopoly, you must regulate it, because by the very nature of capitalism, monopoly businesses are predatory.

Guy leading the FCC right now used to be Associate General Counsel for Verizon.  Seems like a strong believer in "monopoly deregulation."

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We're going down

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Circle the Wagons

The conclusion of this analysis really hit home with me:

It’s also possible that the bubbles bursting will be so destructive that the concept of investing money in some distant operation may not make sense for a very long time.  So all of my current investing is close to home, if not in my home. [bold mine]

This heightens my concern about a question that's been lurking in the background (because "normal" life distracts from worries of the future): is my current home where I want to be and ride things out when all this hits? The short timeline Chris discusses above implies there may not be a lot more time to move and get established in a new place if one wants to do so.